DAZ Studio 101

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Daz Studio 101

Happy New Year — 2019!!

Meshology is proud to announce Daz Studio 101. The first, comprehensive, all in one place, tutorial on using Daz Studio.

We’re hard at work on this series of tutorials meant exclusively for the beginner. The person that just discovered DAZ Studio and has no concept of what the software, or 3D artwork, is about. Only that it looks interesting and would to know where the “click here to make art button.”

We will be covering all that you need to know in order to make satisfying art using DAZ Studio, starting from the most basic element, terminology: Mesh? Geometry? Model?  You’ve heard all these used, probably read about them in ReadMe’s or elsewhere, but what are these?  In fact, they are all the same, and amongst 3D artists, are used interchangeably. Infuriating for the Newbie until someone clarifies it.

Dynamic clothing vs conforming clothing. What’s the difference? What’s a texture and can I change it without being a rocket scientist? “I just want that red to be blue and it’d be perfect!”  All perfectly acceptable questions, all have simple answers, but most are hidden away in terminology or tabs where a Newbie wouldn’t think to look.

Our first tutorial launching today, is on how to use dForce, presented by Esha, a master user of DAZ Studio and clothing modelling. dForce is a very powerful and exciting tool in DAZ Studio, and one that’s only just been released at version 4.10. At the time of writing this article, we’re on version 4.11 beta so you get an idea of how new it is.

Hot on the heels of that tutorial will be How to Install DAZ Studio, without driving you crazy and making sure that the directories are set up properly, presented by Cgan.

The series will cover assets, environments, textures, shaders, poses, cameras, lighting, rendering, in short, everything that you need to understand to make DAZ Studio do what you want.

Most of these tutorials will be offered for free. What? Did you say F-R-E-E? Yep. I said FREE, well, free FOR A TIME! We spend a lot of time creating our tutorials and believe they are the best on the market. We believe that once you understand what is actually possible with DAZ Studio, you’ll want to learn more.

Some we’ll have to charge for because they are just so complex, but most will be to the point, professionally edited, indexed, closed captioned and presented in a chronological order that makes sense. And where we can’t present them in a coherent order, we’ll make sure that the menu reflects the recommended sequence in which to watch them.

And even better, they will be presented all in one place, all together. No more searching all over the place and finding bits and pieces by different people.

But remember… they will only be offered for FREE for a LIMITED TIME. After that, you’re outta luck.

So, stay tuned for more from Meshology.


Seaghan, aka cgan, get it, has traveled the length and breadth of Canada numerous times and never seen a live bull moose, hence the name of his company Mythical Moose Productions. Self-taught in everything, he is a strong believer in tutorials and online workshops.


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