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2018 Christmas Freebie

It’s Christmas time and who doesn’t like receive presents? Right! No one. So, in thanks to our customers for buying our tutorials, we’ve created a fully produced Hexagon Essential Tips tutorial (I bet you could guess that from the title)?

How to Add Reference Photos for assistance in Modelling.
How to Add Reference Photos for assistance in Modelling.

It focuses on the current public build, which is a beta build; it’s nearly an hour long; includes the usual perks we provide; like a PDF index and Closed Captions, and it’s presented by yours truly.

I love Hexagon. I think it’s an incredibly easy modelling package to work with, highly intuitive and great to learn modelling with. And it’s free too! This tutorial is targeted at the user that’s interested in starting to model and, although we don’t cover how to model in the freebie, we do cover the user interface, some issues with the current version that I found frustrating until I discovered how to fix them, and a whole bunch of other stuff. 

In fact, here’s the list of the index points in the tutorial…

  • Introduction
  • The Manipulators
  • World / Selection / Bounding Box – the differences
  • Making Geometry Selections, The Tools of the Trade
  • Loop, Ring and BETW (Between) Selections
  • Lasso Selections
  • Screen Configurations
  • Drawing Constraints
  • Deleting and Object
  • Constrain to Feedback Grid
  • Viewing Work
  • View Detail – for getting up and close to your model
  • Pan, Zoom, Rotate – The Staples of Model Building
  • Displaying the Geometry
  • Displaying or Hiding the Mesh
  • Changing the Position of the Pivot Point
  • Sidestep: How to Get Your Universal Tool Back when it Disappears (without rebooting)
  • Perspective vs Orthographic Views
  • Fixing the Screen Refresh of the Soften/Pinch/Inflate Tools
  • Incremental Saving, Will Save your Model and Your Sanity
  • Changing the Brush Size without Typing Numbers
  • Finding and/or Changing the Keyboard Shortcut Preferences
  • Options in the Preference Editor
  • Select ‘1’ over ‘n’ – What Does It Mean and Uses
  • Adding Three Plan Views to Replace the Grid

This tutorial will ONLY be available in the Daz store before Christmas, but it’s ONLY available for Christmas. After that, it’s gone, forever!

So, be sure to watch for the freebie. It’s our Christmas present to you. Thanks for buying our tutorials.

— Meshology Team


Seaghan, aka cgan, get it, has traveled the length and breadth of Canada numerous times and never seen a live bull moose, hence the name of his company Mythical Moose Productions. Self-taught in everything, he is a strong believer in tutorials and online workshops.


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