Submerged in Hexagon and Daz Studio

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Submerged in Hexagon and Daz Studio

Arki brings you a six part, seven session tutorial that walks you through how she created her recently released and highly successful Aguja. Presented in a “behind-the-scene” manner, she clearly explains how she modelled, rigged and textured her product.

Submerged Environment
The underwater environment includes giant rocks, trees of kelp and a sand ocean floor.

The titanic series includes an underwater environment including an sand ocean floor, huge boulders and towering kelp-like plants. How to use geografting, a powerful tool of Daz Studio, to turn Genesis 8 Female into a beautiful mermaid that has long, flowing, beautiful hair, that is dForce compliant, for realistic underwater movement. And what self-respecting mermaid would be without her land-wear, as in a dress of flowing robes, loin cloth and corset of metallic boning.

The first four sessions cover how she modelled this product with each session focusing on one element.

  • Session 1 — Modelling the Rocks and Plants
  • Session 2 — Modelling the Tail and Fins
  • Session 3 — Modelling the Dress
  • Session 4 — Modelling the Hair
Aguja Dress
Aguja Dress Model in Hexagon

The next two sessions are sold in a single part, part 5 and cover rigging the mermaid using chain rigging, geografts and rigging the rocks (who’da thought?). We have packaged them together because there is cross-over material in both.

The final session, Session 7 in Part 6 covers how she textured the entire product using Quixel, a Photoshop plugin, and Photoshop itself. We skim through how to make the UV maps, because this series is focused on modelling and rigging first and foremost.

All parts are professionally edited, indexed, closed captioned and come with a PDF of the index as well.

Each part is sold individually or the entire six parts in a bundle.

If you’re a serious modeller, this is one package you do not want to miss. It is on sale now in the DAZ Store and a direct link is provided here Submerged in Hexagon and DAZ Studio.

Need more? Here’s our product teaser.


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