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We have updated our privacy policy on November 30, 2018 to address spam emails and incomplete, incorrect or fraudulent user information. Since this site is considered an “eCommerce” site, we are required by law, to request the location of our customers, regardless of the dollar value. This should come as no surprise to anyone that purchases on the internet.

To this end we have added the following paragraph to our Privacy Policy page, presented here in it’s entirety.

False Information

Any user that creates an account using false information will be automatically deleted. Examples of false information are email addresses appearing in any spam user database, address either blank or filled in by a single character(s), street address of 123 Anywhere, phone number of 123-456-7890, etc.

We do not use your information for anything other than assessing whether or not taxes should have been charged on a purchase, regardless of the value of the purchase, as per Canadian accounting requirements.

We hope that you understand our position on this and look forward to our continued, mutual relationship.


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