How We Classify Competence Levels

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User Competency Levels

We classify all our tutorials so the Users know how complex the knowledge is that we present, but it does the User no good if we don’t share our criteria, so here you are.

New UserNew User

This content is suitable for, well, a New User. Someone who is unfamiliar with DAZ Studio, what it’s about, what it does, and what it can do.

This is content we consider suitable for a beginner and many of these tutorials are free. You, the User, basically have no knowledge of DAZ Studio and even less of 3D model creation, but we’re not going to get into that at this level.

At this point, all we’re going to teach you is the basic interface, how to load and configure DAZ Studio and make it give you some pretty pictures.

  • Emphasis is on Creating Artwork with existing or purchased assets
  • Basic navigation/usage of an application (controls, preferences, options, shortcuts, etc)
  • Using dForce and what it is
  • Using built-in content and resources of Daz Studio
  • Simple rendering with stock lights (single figure, no background)

Casual UserCasual User

The Casual User has a little more knowledge. They’ve been playing around with DAZ Studio, are comfortable with the interface but are interested in starting to create their own models. We start with a course in terminology and how a 3D model is made, the parts, and how they interact with each other.

We get into simple modelling and rigging (making your model move), but not too deep into texture creation.

  • Simple 3D modelling with low or no detail level
  • Setting up and saving simple assets (scenes, materials, etc)
  • Basic rigging (making the parts move in your created model)
  • Basic rendering with background elements
  • Basic image composition

Competent UserCompetent User

Here we teach much more about how DAZ Studio work, many of the settings which are hidden from the User are revealed. We delve deep into creating 3D models and texturing.

You’re the kind of person that’s not afraid to poke around, fiddle with setting and wonder “what’s that button for?”

  • Challenging 3D modelling with high detail level
  • Setting up and saving advanced assets (materials, wearables, morph presets, etc)
  • Adjusting existing rigs
  • Adjusting existing weight mapping
  • Creating Joint Correction Morphs (JCM)
  • Using tools like the LIE (Layered Image Editor)
  • Rendering complex scenes with custom lights, camera angles, settings, Depth of Field, etc

Expert UserExpert User

The Expert User is already familiar with DAZ Studio and 3D model creation, but crave even more knowledge about its uses and the inner workings. You want to create your own product, perhaps to sell through an online broker such as DAZ3D.

  • Geografting
  • ERC linking (bones/morphs/parameters)
  • Creating custom rigs
  • Creating weight mapping
  • Creating your Own Textures (with all associated maps like glossy, bump, normal, opacity, etc)
  • Using render canvas options for rendering and postwork

Master UserMaster User

Just when you thought there was no more to learn, we come up with even more that didn’t actually fit into the other categories. Specialized plugins, scripting, building templates that work to help you in your 3D model building approach… this is the category where we’ve placed these.

  • Complex scripting
  • Complex Shader Builder/Bricks
  • Creating Projection Templates


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