What Is a Mesh?

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What is a Mesh?

Hexagon Mesh 1So, you’ve bought a few assets, got your feet wet with DAZ Studio and now have decided that you’ld like to learn how to make your own models just for yourself.

That’s not hard to believe, that’s exactly how we got started. “Would’nt it be nice if…” and “That’s nice, but I wish that the doohickey was a little different.”

Here we teach you the basic of modeling. Just like an artist has to learn to see their object a certain way, we teach you how to break down the model you want to create… the tools of the trade, so to speak, so that regardless of which software you decide to use, you’re armed with the arsenal of questions. We do, however, prefer Hexagon or Blender, and both are free, so that’s a bit of a bonus right there.

We start with the most basic element. What is a mesh? How are vectors, lines and faces related. What makes the perfect mesh. Are there meshes that just won’t work. What is a quad, triangle and n-gon.

We have a lot of ideas for tutorials, and this is the place where you’re going to find them first.

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Seaghan, aka cgan, get it, has traveled the length and breadth of Canada numerous times and never seen a live bull moose, hence the name of his company Mythical Moose Productions. Self-taught in everything, he is a strong believer in tutorials and online workshops.


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