Why Our Tutorials and Workshops are the Best

All our instructors and producers are experts in their field. They have worked, and continue to work, in their respective disiplines and are eager to share their accumulated knowledge with you and by providing you with tasks to practice, they build upon experience from early lessons.
How far you go is up to you!


Nothing is more frustrating than to know you saw a trick, but can no longer find it. That is why we index all our tutorials and provide a PDF so you can make your own notes.


Our tutorials and workshops are professionally edited to the same quality that a broadcaster would require. Hot links are provided at the ends of all video of any references made within the tutorial.

Closed Captioning

We believe that learning should be available to everyone and for this reason we ensure that our product is fully closed captioned in English and as a bonus, fully text searcheable.


We don't just provide you the tutorial and workshop and say 'goodbye.' Our instructors answer questions on any of our social network platforms or this website.

The Meshology Concept…

…is simple. Create tutorials professionally published using the best tools at our disposal to clarify complex topics. For ease of understanding and the best flexibility to you, we have broken our tutorials into five “skill levels.” Each level is intended to address a specific user and take them to a certain level of knowledge outlined in the relevant level.

Additionally, each tutorial contains a workshop task. It may be as simple as “create a posed figure,” or “model a dress.” The purpose of these tasks are to further enforce the knowledge, skills and techniques we’re imparting to you. It is, of course, entirely up to you whether or not you take advantage of this element. If you do, you have the option of attending a live workshop with others that have completed the same task. Be prepared to show your work and ask questions that stumped you.

For more information please take a look at our workshop page.


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